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  • Kendra Curtis

    Kendra Curtis

    Ex-Googler with 20+ years of Software Engineering Experience.

  • Li Ming

    Li Ming

  • Siddharth Ram

    Siddharth Ram

    Technologist | Building Large Scale systems is an Art.

  • Singaram Palaniappan

    Singaram Palaniappan

    Data Engineer at Altimetrik | Pyspark | Python | Bigdata | AWS | Airflow | Chess Player | Stocks | Cryptocurrency and More

  • Jonatan Frank

    Jonatan Frank

    NamuCode is a Software Company that match the best SW talents with Companies that need the best solutions. We are problem solvers.

  • Juan Schwindt

    Juan Schwindt

    Ruby on Rails / Python / ML developer. Frustrated chess player. Trying some luck in golf. More and more interested in nutrition.

  • Francesco Azzola

    Francesco Azzola

    I’m an electronic engineer with a passion for IoT and Machine Learning. I’m one of the top 100 most important influencers in IIoT in 2020 (Onalytica).

  • Michaël Vanderheyden

    Michaël Vanderheyden

    Lear UI/UX Engineer @ Atos | Senior Expert | Passionate about martial arts | Shotokan karate black belt and BJJ blue belt | CSS is my dojo

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